Fees & Bookings

An annual BH OOSH membership registration fee of $15 per family is charged on enrolment and at the beginning of each new calendar year when children are re-enrolled.


Permanent Bookings

(Minimum of 10 Routine Scheduled Bookings for a term, made in advance of week 3 of the term)

Casual Bookings

(All other bookings and changes to permanent bookings made after the end of week 2 of term)

Before School Care Session
After School Care Session

Vacation Care charges vary daily depending on the scheduled activities.

The Parent Management Committee reserves the right to raise fees in order to cover costs. Fees will be reviewed every 6 months. A minimum of two weeks-notice will be given in the event of a change in fees.

Fees are charged fortnightly in arrears with any Child Care Subsidy received for that period credited to the families account. Any over payments will be credited to family accounts.

Invoices are emailed every alternate Tuesday for the prior fortnights attendance fees and accounts are direct debited on the following Friday i.e. Attendance fees for Weeks 1 & 2 are invoiced on Tuesday of Week 3 and direct debited on Friday of Week 3.

BH OOSH only accepts direct debit from bank accounts, MasterCard or Visa. BH OOSH does not accept cash payments or any other debit or credit cards.

Casual Bookings – before or after school care casual bookings can be cancelled without charge before the session commences via the KidsXap Guardian App.

Permanent Bookings – before or after school care permanent bookings can be cancelled without charge with 10 operating days written notice. Where before or after school care permanent bookings are cancelled with less than 10 operating days written notice, the attendance fees will still be charged for all the existing bookings for the next 10 operating days from the date of notice.

BH OOSH will not accept verbal notifications of changes or cancellations to bookings.

To cancel or change a booking and avoid the charge, it is important you email BHOOSH at info@bhoosh.com.au either:

  1. Before the session commences if it’s a casual booking, or
  2. A minimum 10 operating days-notice if it’s a permanent booking

Advising the child’s name, booking date and if it’s the before or after school session to be cancelled.

Please be aware that notifying BHOOSH of a child’s absence from a session either via KidsXap or email does not cancel the booking.

Permanent bookings for before and after school care can be cancelled without charge due to illness if BHOOSH is advised in writing before the start of the session that the child will be absent, and a medical certificate is supplied within 5 operating days of the first day of absent. Not applicable for vacation care.

Vacation Care – There are no cancellations, refunds, credits or transfers for vacation care bookings.

A $10 ‘absent without notice’ fee is charged if a parent fails to advise BH OOSH in writing that their children will not be attending a booked after school or vacation care session.

A $10 plus $1 per minute ‘late collection’ fee is charged if a child is not picked up by 6:30pm from an after-school care session or 6:00 pm from a vacation care session.

Transaction Fees

A $1.00 ‘transaction fee’ is charged for every direct debit.

A 1.8% Merchant fee is also charged for any direct debits from MasterCard or Visa

An $8.80 ‘failed transaction fee’ is charged when a direct debit fails

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to eligible families using BH OOSH before and after school care and vacation care.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available from the Department of Human Resources / Centrelink to eligible families using BH OOSH for before and after school and vacation care services.
If you intend on claiming CCS, you will need to:

  1. lodge a child care subsidy claim with the Department of Human Resources / Centrelink
  2. provide BH OOSH your child and parent Customer Reference Numbers (CRN’s) and dates of births
  3. sign a BH OOSH ‘Complying Written Agreement’ (CWA) detailing the arrangements and pricing of care.
  4. review and confirm your BH OOSH enrolment notice for each child via your myGov account.

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure they have completed the CCS enrolment process as above.