About Us

To support the parent community of Beacon Hill Primary school with an accessible, flexible and affordable out of school hours and vacation care child care service.

We welcome all children and create a safe and fun environment where they are nurtured through a tailored program of structured and unstructured indoor and outdoor activities specifically designed to meet their needs and interests.

  • Nurture the children in our care to be successful, competent and capable learners
  • Provide children in our care a broad range of fun, stimulating and challenging experiences (that may not normally be available at home or school) that focus on nurturing all areas of their learning and development needs
  • Provide a balance of indoor/outdoor, noisy/quiet and active/passive activities that cater for the different children’s ages, genders, abilities, and interests
  • Maximise child and Educator engagement in the development, planning, execution and review of programming activities

Before School Care

7:00-8:30am The service is open. Children can be signed in and morning activities begin.
Breakfast –Toast, raisin toast and a choice of cereals are provided till 8.30 am.
8:45am Children are signed out, when a teacher is on duty.

Kindergartens taken to lines (Term 1 for first 5 weeks)

After School Care

2:30pm For the first 5 weeks of term 1 – BH OOSH staff collect kindergartens from class.
Kindergarten teachers are given a list of Kindergarten children attending BH OOSH.
2:40pm Kindergarten roll-call. Kindies are signed in and activities begin.
3:05-3:10pm Years 1 to 6 children arrive at BH OOSH. Children are signed in by class.
3:20-4:00pm Afternoon Tea and either planned or unplanned outdoor activities.
4:00pm Indoor activities for those that are interested.
5:15-5.30pm All children are brought inside.
6.30pm All children must be collected.

A copy of the weekly scheduled activities and afternoon tea menu are updated every Monday for parents to view on the BH OOSH noticeboard and KidsXap Guardian App